Why should I choose a Pearl Solar Panel system?

Have you ever felt like a statistic on the end of a phone when dealing with a large national company? Our customers feel that they have received a professional and yet personal service, much like from a good reliable local tradesman. We're here to help and advise long after the installation has taken place. That's why our customers are happy to recommend us to friends and family. Put that together with industry beating prices and over 20 years experience in the construction industry there can only be one choice!

Can I install solar panels myself?

Yes, but It is feasible that a skilled roofer working together with an electrician could install a working solar panel system themselves, however, it would not be covered by warranty and also more importantly, to claim the feed-in tariff the system MUST to be installed and commissioned by an MCS installer such as Pearl Solar Panels.

How long does a solar PV installation take?

It normally takes a day or two to fit the solar panels, weather permitting. The only time we need access inside, is to get into the loft space to fit an inverter and to fit a small generation meter for the system - normally close to your existing electricity meter - and to explain how it all works.

Are there any grants for solar panels?

Grants are no longer available for solar PV. They have been replaced with Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) introduced by Government on 1st April 2010. FITs are designed to increase the amount of small-scale renewable energy production, and they have already been successful in Germany, Spain and Italy. The FIT system delivers payments/benefits for owners of newly installed PV installations by paying the owner a rate for ALL electricity that the system produces whether it used or not. An additional payment is made for any electricity that isn't used and that is automatically exported to the national grid.

Do I need planning permission for solar panels?

Not usually. Most installations are exempt however exceptions are in conservation areas if your solar panels would be visible from the road side of the property, or if your property has Listed Building status. It's best to check with your local council planning officer if you are not sure. Pearl Solar Panels will be happy to advise you.

Will the weight of solar panels affect my roof?

A solar panel system is not particularly heavy. The weight of a system falls well within the building regulation requirements for most houses, but this will be confirmed by Pearl Solar Panels during our technical survey prior to installation.

Do I need to advise my mortgage and insurance company of a solar panel installation?

They may view solar as a modification (similar to an extension or velux window), so it is advisable to inform them.

Do I have to do anything to make a solar panel system work?

No, once Pearl Solar Panels have installed and fully commissioned your system it will work automatically. When the solar panels are fitted, you use your electricity as normal. If there is electricity being produced by the panels, when you use anything electrical it will use that electricity first automatically. If there isn't enough being produced for what you need, or if it is night-time, then you will automatically use electricity from your usual supplier.

Are you registered to do solar panel installation?

Yes. Pearl Solar Panels is MCS (Microgeneration Certifiication Scheme) accredited and a member of the Renewables Energy Assurance scheme. All electrical work is carried out only by our qualified electricians. All our installers are our own expertly trained professionals.

Can I split solar panels over multiple roofs?

Yes, Pearl Solar Panels will be able to give advice on that

What Is the Feed In Tariff for solar panels?.

As part of the drive towards a greener UK, government legislation means that energy companies have to pay you for any renewable energy that you produce. These payments are known as Feed-in Tariffs (or 'FITs').

For example: The FIT for solar PV panels gives three financial benefits:

  • A payment for all the electricity produced, even if you use it yourself
  • Additional payments for electricity you export into the grid
  • A reduction on your standard electricity bill, from using energy you that you produce

The level of the payment (the 'tariff') varies for different renewable energy sources, installation sizes and other criteria. Pearl Solar Panels will discuss this with you thoroughly and provide you with written details of what return you can expect from your system during the quotation process.

Does this affect my current energy company?

No, it doesn't affect any arrangements that you already have. You stay with whatever energy provider you like, and switch when and if you like. Your utility company will take its normal reading and bill you as usual. Of course, this reading will be lower and so your electricity bill will be less (and if you buy a solar PV system you will receive a cheque rather than a bill!). And that's true whether you buy electricity and gas together or individually from different companies.

How much can I save by using free solar electricity?

The actual amount will always depend on when and how you use electricity (The Energy Saving Trust assumes that you use 50% of the electricity you produce). But for example, if you are at home during the hours of daylight when the panels are producing or you set timers for equipment like washing machines, you will be using more. Whatever the figure, the savings are likely to increase because everything you generate is inflation proof (and energy prices have doubled over the last 5 years, according uSwitch )

Who is responsible for maintaining my solar panel system?

Solar panels need minimal maintenance, however, something could go wrong and they should be cleaned if they become dirty.

What about insurance?

If you buy the system outright, you will be responsible for them once they have been installed. It's likely that they are covered by your Buildings or Contents insurance policy, and you'll also be covered by the manufacturer's standard product and performance warranties.

How much will a Solar Panel system cost?

The total installed cost of a PV system will depend upon the size of the system and how it is mounted. It is not possible unfortunately for Pearl Solar Panels to give precise figures without a more details of the individual property in question, however, our independent status (not tied to any single manufacturer) ensures that we are unrivalled at delivering value for money solar panel installations without compromise on product or workmanship. Why not use our "Free quotation" section of our website to see how much we can save you?

How much energy can solar panels generate?

There are five main factors that will impact how much energy a solar PV system will generate:

  1. The total size of the solar array.
  2. The latitude of the location.
  3. Which direction the PV panels face.
  4. What slope the panels are mounted on.
  5. Anything which may shade the panels.

Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

Most roofs are suitable for solar panel installation however its orientation will impact on how productive the system is, South facing in our country gives the optimum output but don't rule out east or west facing roofs (or anything in between). Pearl Solar Panels are happy to advise you on your individual situation.

Is There Enough Sun in the UK for solar panels?

Yes, Solar Panels do not need strong sunlight to work; they will produce electricity even on cloudy days. The Panels work via light this means even on a winter's day you could be producing electricity and earning money.

Can I fit solar panels to a flat roof?

Yes, Pearl Solar panels can mount solar panels in a number of ways. On a flat roof we can actually create the perfect angle for your Solar PV Panels thus providing you with maximum efficiently

Can my Solar Panels only be placed on my roof?

No, Pearl Solar Panels can mount your solar panel system anywhere within your grounds. It may require planning permission but this has been relaxed somewhat. Pearl Solar Panels can advise you of the best location and type of installation to suit your needs.

Will there be any internal Structural Roof Changes?

Not normally however Pearl Solar Panels will look at the roof of your property before installation and discuss any implications with you.

Will I need to rewire my house for solar panels?

Absolutely Not, your current electrical set up will be checked and surveyed for compatibility by our energy advisors, in most cases circuits are built into your current consumer unit with new wiring and Meters installed without you noticing a change internally.

Will I be eligible for the Feed in Tariff (FiT)?

Yes, the FiT is available on all Solar PV installations, with variable rates based on the system size and other criteria. During quotation stage, Pearl Solar Panels will discuss this with you in more detail.

Will I still receive an electricity bill?

Yes, although you will be producing your own electricity and selling electricity back to the Grid, there will be times when you are not producing electricity, during these times you will need to purchase electricity as you have done in the past. Solar Panels do not store electricity to be used when not producing (eg. Night time).

How long are the solar panel tariffs paid for?

The tariffs last for 25 years.

Is the tariff guaranteed for this whole period?

Yes - once you start at a given tariff, it is guaranteed for the full period and is index linked.

Do solar panels affect my house price?

Yes, your Property value will increase, as you now have a more eco-friendly home and your Solar PV System is generating you Money and making you savings on your electricity bills.

Some companies offer free solar panel systems. Do you do this?

No. We want you to benefit from your system. When companies offer a free solar PV system and installation they will then claim all your FiT income for themselves leaving you with only a slight reduction in your electricity bills and thousands of pounds in their pockets.

Please use this link to view the FITS via www.energysavingtrust.org.uk website.

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